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EZTutor Software Features
The EZTutor software helps tutoring companies to manage their operations and office functionalities using a single centralized system.

» Manage your tutoring operations
  • Manage offices and related data
  • Define assessment tools and import student assessment data
  • View student information
  • Manage schools and school district information
  • Messaging tool to view and send messages to users
  • Multitude of report generation tools including invoice reporting tool
Helps Offices
The EZTutor software can be used to effectively manage various office functionalities.

» Manage office operations

  • Add or import student data in bulk
  • Build Student Learning Plans (SLPs) according to State Standards
  • Assign one-to-one or group tutoring mode to students
  • Manage classes/groups for group tutoring modes
  • Schedule individual tutoring modes
  • Record attendance for individual, group and online tutoring modes
  • Review attendance details
  • Record monthly progress notes for students and generate related reports
  • Generate a number of reports including sign-in sheets and summary reports
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» Invoice management

  • Generate and manage invoices in a single system
  • Create and manage new district invoices and parent invoices
  • Print invoice reports
  • Manage all necessary documents linked with an invoice
  • Automatic computation of invoice amount based on office’s hourly rates and approved attendance for each student
Customized according to state requirements
  • State specific standards
  • State specific learning plans and monthly progress notes
Additional Features
  • Inclusion of parent portal from where parents can view attendance, Print SLP, MPN and invoices (optional feature)
  • Manage regional managers
  • Multi-level access for users (corporate, regional office, tutors, attendance entry clerks)
  • Online tools for training including user manual and instructional videos
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